KhetzaL Forest
  Fahrenheit Project Part 2   Glaciales Lacrimae
  Ultimae Records    
  Released / December 2001    
  KhetzaL - 2002 Promo CD-R
  KhetzaL - 2002 Promo CD-R - 01 - Gyptian Road
  KhetzaL - 2002 Promo CD-R - 02 - Ganesha Pramana
  KhetzaL - 2002 Promo CD-R - 03 - Narayana
  KhetzaL - 2002 Promo CD-R - 04 - Sanctuaire
  Spiritual Moves Vol. 4   Gyptian Road
  Agitato Records    
  Released / January 2002    
  Peace Therapy   Sanctuaire
  Kagdila Records   The Earth (Remix)
  Released / September 2003   (DJ Zen vs KhetzaL)  
  The Earth W&P with DJ Zen      
  Corolle   Listening Winds
  Suntrip Records   Anamatha
  Released / October 2005   Bells Of Sarnath
  Anamatha W&P with DJ Zen   Narayana
      Ganesha Pramana
      Indian Attic
  Goa Vol. 14   Anamatha
  Yellow Sunshine Explosion    
  Released / January 2006      
  W&P with DJ Zen    
  Peace Therapy Vol. 2   Chips Tree
  Kagdila Records    
  Released / March 2006    
  Twist Dreams   Trancefuzion
  Suntrip Records    
  Released / January 2007    
  Energy Waves   Indian Attic
  Suntrip Records   (E-Mantra's Tellurian  
  Released / March 2010   Remix)  
  W&P with E-Mantra      
  Temple Of Chaos   Rosin Memories
  Suntrip Records    
  Released / June 2010    
  Hadracadabra 5   Strange Times
  Hadra Records    
  Released / July 2010    
  Memories Maze
  Altar Records   Memories Maze  
  Released / March 2011   (KhetzaL Remix)  
  W&P with Astropilot      
  Summer Meets Autumn
Elfic Angel
  Plusquam Chillout   Lost In Time  
  Released / March 2013    
  Blacklight Moments   Aramean Dreams
  Suntrip Records    
  Released / May 2013    
  Ten Spins Around The Sun   Djaningar
  Suntrip Records   (Filteria Remix)  
  Released / May 2014    
  W&P with Filteria      
  Goamystica Vol. 1   Damoclès
  Mystic Sound Records      
  Released / April 2015    
  Fall   Farewell,
  Altar Records   Beloved Sunshine  
  Released / December 2015    
  The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds  
  Global Sect Music   Endless Glade  
  Released / December 2015   (Alienapia vs KhetzaL)  
  W&P with Alienapia      
  The 50th Parallel   Garden Of
  Suntrip Records   Nyagrodha Trees  
  Released / November 2018      
  Etamines   Admonition
  Suntrip Records   Ziggurat
  Released / March 2021   Grey Kitty In The Box
      Gather Your Herds
      Acide Formique
      A World Of Outmoded Ideas
      Didge Voices
      Ealitas Ex Nihilo